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Benefits of Ownership
  • Whether you’re a practitioner, an athlete, or someone looking to improve their everyday life, owning a PEMF system from Pulse Centers can bring you real results. Learn why over 100,000 people choose Pulse Centers every day.
  • Energy On-Demand
  • Life will drain your energy and deplete your body of much-needed energy. Owning a Pulse Centers system lets you replenish that energy on-demand.*

The Pulse XL Pro

The Pulse XL Pro is our most flexible, powerful, and innovative machine.
It’s the only PEMF Exercise system that combines solid-state engineering with user-controlled adjustable pulse. For you, that means more customizable pulsing sessions and virtually no maintenance. The XL Pro measures 21x25x8” and weighs in at 53 lbs, making it perfect for an office setting or home.

The Pulse XL Pro’s user-friendly design offers unparalleled PEMF session customization and control,

with 19 different frequency and strength settings available and an integrated infinity timer.
This sleek, professional-grade system is made in the USA with quality components.

Its solid-state design eliminates moving parts, making the XL Pro virtually maintenance-free.

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