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As a patient of Dr. Kendra, I have seen her nearly every week since December of 2016 when I came to her with debilitating fatigue. She ran a series of Bio-energetic Screening tests and presented me with her findings on the spot. She had located some heart imbalances that I did not realize were an issue. She wanted to address that from the beginning. Her prescriptions for me were nutraceutical and I left to begin a series of cleanses of body organs, including working on the heart meridian. My fatigue symptoms were improving when I suffered a mild heart attack a month later. I absolutely believe that my visits with Dr. Kendra lessened the impact of that incident.

I have a competent primary care physician, so why would a person seek out a practitioner with alternative/complimentary care qualifications? It is a growing movement throughout the country and the answer is a simple one. My good doctor wasn't helping me to feel better! And to have found Dr. Kendra Kennard was an enormous blessing to me and to my health.

Janet R.

I have known Kendra Kennard for over 7 years. She has been my Natural Medicine Doctor and Friend for those many years. She has nursed me back to health thru her practice of natural medicine balancing and holistic alternative medicine…She has also used her knowledge of bioenergetics and natural medicine to help with different ailments I have had over the years. I am a healthier person because of her and her practice.

Kendra is a very organized, intelligent, and dependable practitioner of her craft and has always been kind and helpful with explanations and references to make me feel more comfortable and at ease, knowing the practices she uses are of benefit to me. I have seen much improvement and healthy stability over the years that I have been her patient. She has the gift of being an excellent communicator and she makes you feel right at home and at ease with her. She has proven to be both competent and a willing listener as she searches to find the issues with your health. She’s quite the sleuth in her effort to do the best and most healthy thing for you.

David F.