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NES Health has created a cutting-edge technology named ProVision (NES)TM that puts people back in control of their Healing Journey. It originated in England and provides information on the possible bio-energetic correlations underlying a persons health issues. Whether you want to increase your personal health, unlock answers to your specific condition or increase the quality of your life or longevity, NES Health has done the fundamental research to open up those possibilities for you. There are amazing testimonies which you can research on the positive results people are getting with NES.

The NES system uses a computerized scan of your human body-field which will reveal any distortions in
your bio-energetic field. The concept is simple; imagine your body as a computer with an energetic operating system. Your body's cells parts are like hardware, and there is a roadmap of how that hardware wiring looks from the NES Health research. Now, imagine your body’s computer system without past viruses, toxins or trauma. We want our bodies back at their optimal performance by reprogramming the operating system. This has been very well studied by Western Medicine over the last 100 years with little current understanding over what actually controls the body. What has been ignored is the body's information system or its 'operating system' and 'the energy' (like electricity) needed to run the hardware. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It is, and it works something like this:

Corrects the Master Control System of your body
Enhances your Energy Systems
Dramatically improves your Health

NES assesses your body's master control system with a NES ProVision Scan which:

  • Scans over 150 Wellness Indicators of your body
  • Identifies Health Conditions or Emotional Issues
  • Identifies Energy Blockages or Distortions in your body's organs or systems
  • Provides a Thorough Analysis of the scan results
  • Corrects the Body’s Master Control System through the use of Infoceutical Remedies (supplements)
  • The scanning process involves resting one’s hand on a palm-sized mouse, which is the scanner. One’s body-field is read quickly and there are no signals or voltage emitted. There are detailed screens with priorities that are generated from this report and NES will show where the weakest links are. It is these links it addresses first to begin correcting the body-fields.

AWH uses NES ProVision to design a uniquely tailored health care program for each individual based on the intake process, above scan and address other health goals or issues one may have. For AWH’s full list of services, please see our “Services" webpage. We use a variety of therapies in conjunction with NES including:

  • Biofeedback, Auricular Therapy, Bioenergetic Work, Integrative Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Subtle Energy Medicine, Healing and Balancing, and, of course, NES ProVision Body-Field Scanning to correct health issues such as pain removal, addictions, allergies, and energy blockages in the body.
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Nutritional Complexes and/or Homeopathic Remedies to correct nutritional and nutritionally-related health issues.

  • Exercise to rebuild your body. This will be done at a comfortable pace and will be custom designed for you.

"All the information you need to heal yourself: you've already got! It is there. It has moved around a lot ... We need to recover lost information and we need to put source energy in."
Peter Fraser on "Smarter Solutions to Healthcare" Panel Discussion