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Visit our office and experience Heart Quest, a state-of-the art bioscan to determine your heart rate variability, or HRV. HRV is not only an simple indicator of your heart's health, but your overall wellbeing too.

It is the measurement of how much the time between each heart beat varies. A healthy heart is reactive, and shows a lot of time changes between beats. Clinicians use this variability measurement as a gauge of good nervous system regulation and to help pinpoint potential health concerns before they fully manifest.

When you receive a Heart Quest scan in our office, you're given insight to biorhythms beyond even HRV. We use this amazing software to help improve your physiological coherence - the balance amongst your various bodily systems like nervous, cellular, cardiovascular and mental systems.

Physiologic coherence can easily be controlled and improved upon with mental exercises and awareness. We can help gauge your needs with a Heart Quest bioscan, and provide simple yet effective techniques for you to explore new levels coherence and wellbeing.