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Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat people. Auricular therapy or auriculotherapy, which is needle-less acupuncture of the ear, can treat almost every part of the body and many diseases and ailments. Auriculotherapy is a highly effective therapeutic modality involving the auricle or external ear.

Auriculotherapy is very good at alleviating pain and regulating hormones and neurotransmitter levels in the gastrointestinal system (the second brain) and brain. It is well-known for allergy elimination and is also highly effective in the treatment of emotions. Some emotional and/or allergy/physical issues can be caused from energy blockages and even scar tissue from old physical wounds, including surgeries and/or emotional injuries. Auriculotherapy's recent popularity can be attributed to its non-invasive technique and its ability to correct health issues without having to deal with emotional content.
Auricular diagnosis is best achieved with an electrical point finder. Furthermore, a transcutaneous electrical stimulation device using microcurrent intensities can often achieve profound clinical effects without the unwanted pain which may accompany needle insertion. The auricular skin surface is only a few millimeters deep, and is readily available for pathology detection and trancutaneous treatment for over 200 sites in the ear.

Auriculotherapy clients have the opportunity to address health issues that they have going on in their body at the present time long before signs show up on a typical examination or blood test. This amazing fact makes it an ideal therapy that is comfortable and highly effective. The ear becomes the vehicle through which the imbalances can be detected and the body can be treated. It allows for the identification of and effective treatment of the cause of a person's concerns not just the symptoms.

Through traditional acupuncture with needles or electrical acupuncture (without needles), stimulation of acupuncture ear points brings about a highly therapeutic effect on those health issues with no known methods of treatment! For those people dealing with such health issues, auriculotherapy is a miraculous intervention!

The practitioners at AWH use electrical stimulation because we have found that the minute electrical frequencies used provide maximum patient comfort and effectiveness for healing.