Parasites can be subtle, and you don't need to travel to the jungle to become infected with a parasite.
Simply going to the park or hiking in the woods can be enough. Few doctors can recognize common symptoms or problems as parasitic infections. Doctors will also need lab tests and exposure histories to find these sneaky parasites. However, not all doctors are trained to look for parasites. Infectious disease specialists are best qualified to diagnose and treat these conditions.

Dr Mehmet Oz Show on Parasites

The TV show called “Monsters inside Me”

Dr Jay Davidson and Dr Todd White at Microbe Mitronutriendts and Cellcore Biosciences

Dr Jockers

Dr Goop

are all heros today as they have come forward to expose what some believe as not possible in the US. The proof lies in their research and sharing of the facts they have found. (See Links Below)

Words from the doctors - Parasites are very common—about four in six patients I see in my practice are infected with at least one (and often more). The vast majority of people affected are undiagnosed and don’t even know they’re carrying one. We’re exposed to parasites constantly; they can be contracted in many situations, from eating uncooked meat or fish, to walking barefoot or sleeping in a bed with a pet that’s carrying something.