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Unwind (8 FL oz)
Unwind (8 FL oz)


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Fully Cope With The Situations In Your Life!

What is the Unwind?

The discovery of this exclusive product Unwind comes about through the work of chiropractic. For years now we have studied Dura Mater and what it does. In case you are unfamiliar with the dura let me give you a brief overview.

The Dura Mater (literally means, “tough mother”) is the dense, leathery membrane covering and protecting the brain and spinal cord. Dural graft substitutes are used when the opening in the dura is too large to be sutured together. There are many ways the dura can become damaged, including severe head injury, tumor in growth (meningioma), or a surgeon’s need to open the dura for access to the brain or spinal cord during invasive surgical procedures.

It has been shown that this dense membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord prevents us from fully releasing and being able to cope with situations at times. Unwind aids the body in releasing this wound up tension while providing the information and nutrients to help our body release those deep thoughts that we stay hung up on and just can not seem to let go.


  • After any emotional clearing, technique, or procedure
  • During stressful situations
  • During or after a traumatic situation in life
  • Severe or moderate headaches
  • Processing situations or times that you just can’t seem to push through in life
  • Releases Dura Torque

How Unwind Works

In regards to “how Unwind works”, there are many factors at play. It possesses both stimulating and relaxant properties. This may seem contradictory, but only if we make the false assumption that stimulation and relaxation exist at opposing ends of a spectrum.

In truth, the stimulation is of the circulation of the body’s vital energy, and the relaxation is of the resistance to that circulation. So we see that these principles are not at odds, but rather work towards the same end and enhance each other’s ability to reach it. Unwind has been shown to relax tension in the head: the tension of muscles, of blood vessels, of thoughts and of emotions.

Unwind helps to both relax the mind and free the energy trapped there, and in doing so lets our other faculties offer us resolution where our intellect cannot.

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