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Terrain Factors Cinnamon (4 FL oz)
Terrain Factors Cinnamon (4 FL oz)


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PH Restoration. At A Cellular Level. Utilize The Water You Drink!

This formulation is the most unique of its kind. Use this product for both intercellular and extra-cellular pH balancing, cellular hydration, cellular mineral repair, in a base of necessary minerals that are completely colloidal (bioavailability). This product is important for restoring chronic acid buildup in the tissues and for short-term pH regulation and balance. It can be most beneficial to remove cellular acids, increase cell respiration, and replace important electrolytes, while you enhance a healthy cellular zeta-charge potential to keep the connective tissue vital and cleansing as it removes toxins. There are many misconceptions today regarding proper pH balance. Many factors including diet, stress, and fluids can alter your bodies pH and cellular hydration. extracellular is the fluid outside of the cell that collectively equates to 20% of the bodies water. Whereas intracellular is the fluid inside of the cell which represents 40% of the bodies total weight and 70% of the bodies water. 77% of Americans are dehydrated and 10% do not drink water. proper cellular hydration is crucial for preventing many forms of unhealthy cell proliferation, as well as daytime fatigue.


  • pH Balance.
  • Cellular Hydration.
  • Zeta Potential
  • Removes Harmful Toxins
  • Peak Performance.
  • Enhanced Immunity.
  • Mental And Physical
  • Energy.
  • Aids In The Break Down
  • Of Lactic Acid

A Deeper Look At PH And The Science

pH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 the lower the pH the more acidic the solution, the higher the pH the more alkaline (or base) the Solution. When a solution is neither acid nor alkaline it has a pH of 7 which is neutral. Water is the most abundant compound in the human body, comprising 70% of the body. The body has an acid alkaline (or acid base) ratio called the pH which is a balance between positively charges ions (acid forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline forming.) The body continually strives to balance pH. When this balance is compromised many problems can occur.

The reason acidosis is more Common in our society is mostly due to the typical American diet, which is far too high in acid producing animal products like meat, eggs and dairy, and far too low in alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables. Additionally, we eat acid producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid producing beverages like coffee and soft drinks. We use too many drugs, which are acid forming; and we use artificial chemical sweeteners like NutraSweet, Equal, or Aspartame which are extremely acid forming. One of the best things we can do to correct an overly acid body is to clean up the diet and lifestyle.

Sports drinks hit 7.5 billion in sales in 2007, and according to the trade journal Beverage Digest, sports drinks were the third fastest growing beverage category in the United States in 2006, after energy drinks and bottled water. Obviously they want you to believe sports drinks are healthy. But when you look at the main ingredients: water, high fructose corn syrup, and salt. How healthy is that really? Not at all.

The Problem with Sports Drinks

There are situations where use of sports drinks is an option, but after mild exercise, or no physical exertion, its just not a wise choice. Unfortunately, less than one percent of those who use sports drinks actually need them. The only time you should resort to these drinks is after vigorous exercise, such as cardiovascular aerobic activity, for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour, and you’re sweating profusely as a result of that activity. Anything less than 45 minutes will simply not result in a large enough fluid loss to justify using these high sodium, high sugar drinks. And, even if you’re exercising for more than an hour, we still believe there are far better options to rehydrate yourself.

Drinking sports drinks when you exercise is particularly problematic because your mouth is dry, which means you don’t have enough Saliva in your mouth to Combat the drinks acidity. But that is just the beginning. The real issue lies in their choice of ingredients — the use of high fructose corn syrup in particular – which should be your first clue that shows you that they are bad. High fructose corn syrup is the number one source of calories in the US. It is the most prevalent sweetener used in foods and beverages today, and has been clearly linked to the rise in obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Just like other sugars it disrupts your insulin levels, and elevated insulin levels are going to increase your risk of nearly every chronic disease known to man kind. Terrain Factors is an excellent solution to this in its ability to hydrate your body while providing the electrolytes that your body needs. If this is not enough it goes one step further and provides pH restoration within your body to assure you are properly balanced and at the peak of your performance. Media has a large impact on the rising generations today. Lets help them make the Smart Choice With Terrain Factors!

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