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HMV Complete (4 FL oz)
HMV Complete (4 FL oz)


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Rich in organic prehistoric plant-source trace minerals, amino acids, and a vast array of other naturally occurring humic phytochemicals and constituents, HMV Complete brings you the finest naturally occurring bio-available full spectrum plant source nutritional elements nature has to offer. The base ingredients of this product are of the very finest quality, extremely low molecular weight freshwater humic acids and fulvic acids chelated from historical plant matter.
What is Fulvic Acid? One of Nature’s Miracles
More and more scientists and doctors worldwide are recognizing the extraordinary potential of fulvic acid, an important component of humic acid. For millennia, human beings have received beneficial amounts of fulvic acid complexes through their consumption of plants, just as nature intended. Unfortunately, the modern use of pesticides and fertilizers, along with inadequate agricultural practices, erosion, and mineral depletion, have contributed to decreased microbial activity in the world’s soil deposits. As a result, adequate quantities of fulvic acid have been missing from our food crops for generations. Why is this an important health issue to address? Because fulvic acid derived from humate usually contains 60 or more minerals and trace elements that are nutritionally essential for cell health and balance (including cell growth and replication). That’s not all. In addition to helping transport minerals to live cells, catalyzing vitamins within cells, and metabolizing proteins, RNA, and DNA, fulvic acid also acts as:
  • A Powerful Organic Electrolyte: Electrolytes are used by the body’s cells to maintain voltages across cellular membranes and to convey electrical impulses to other cells. Fulvic acid helps cells achieve a vital electrochemical balance across and among the body’s cells.
  • A Free-radical Scavenger and Antioxidant: Fulvic acid can react with both negatively and positively unpaired free electrons to render free radicals harmless, changing them into new useable compounds or eliminating them as waste. Fulvic acid also promotes oxidation-reduction reactions of transition metals that can damage the body’s cells and tissues.
  • A Natural Chelator and Pollutant Detoxifier: Fulvic acid is effective in transforming metals and minerals into readily absorbable forms. It can also bind with organic pollutants (pesticides, herbicides) to form new types of metal ions, catalyze the breakdown of toxic pollutants, and weather and decompose silica to release essential mineral nutrients.
  • An Aid in Increasing Nutrient Bioavailability: Fulvic acid’s low molecular weight helps render cellular walls more penetrable by reducing their surface tension, thus allowing cells to more easily and efficiently respirate, hydrate, absorb minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients, and eliminate waste.

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